My favorite female protagonist is Ripley from the Alien franchise. She’s a woman who’s tough, but kind. She never wavers in the face of danger, and always admits she’s scared which is what helps her find the strength to do what needs to be done. Characters like Ripley speak to my soul and I have been searching for them my entire life.

Fortunately for me (and hopfully you too), the Wonder Woman trailer dropped Sunday evening at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, reminding me I am, perhaps, only slightly out of touch since I opted out of watching the show (oops). I did however watch the trailer the second it was online. Guys, it does not disappoint.


Source:  Warner Bros. Pictures


In terms of summer blockbuster power, DC Films is releasing it’s first super hero franchise starring a female protagonist and I could not be more excited. It appears, neither can DC Films, as it had the star Gal Gadot present the film’s latest trailer during a commercial break at the awards show.

It kicks ass from start to finish. The trailer opens with details about Diana aka. Wonder Woman’s backstory while highlighting the egregious flaws of MANkind. Then introduces us to Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Diana to the ongoing barrage of dudes whose asses she must kick.

I really want this movie to do well because I’d love to see more female characters getting the time they deserve on the big screen. Part of me is worried that everything we’ve seen is all effects and bullshit, but I have faith that Wonder Woman will kick enough ass to kick off this trend.

The film hits theaters June 2.

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