President Trump’s instability and inability to govern like a grown man may get him booted from the White House (at some point in the future), but in the meantime, we’re still stuck with him, his cronies and their anti-female agenda.

Not that Donald J. Trump would admit this in his statement on Women’s Health Week, May 14 – 20. In fact, you’s think, the horse shit statement released that the AHCH aka Trumpcare didn’t indefinitely exclude women’s health issues as preexisting conditions or exclude them entirely:

Ensuring affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare is critical to improving women’s health and ensuring that it fits their priorities at any stage of life.  In particular, women should have access to quality prenatal, maternal, and newborn care.

All this from the dude who’s health care agenda classifies rape as a preexisting condition and appoints religious nuts to high level government positions to essentially troll women and their bodies.

The proposed AHCA excludes services for essentially all female related issues including but not limited to: maternity care, newborn care, rape, domestic violence counseling, well baby/well child visits, prescription drugs, mental health services and so much more that if I keep typing I will surely get depressed and go to bed.

But that’s not all, under the wonders of Trumpcare, the miraculous experiences of sexual assault and domestic abuse will be considered a preexisting condition. So ladies, you better plan to hide in a hole because if Trumpcare becomes a reality, your whole life is a pre-existing condition. Surprise! You get to die because men think that women’s bodies are icky and we should have considered the perils of being female during conception.

The best way to celebrate Women’s Health Week is to #resist the smoke and mirrors of this administration. Show up to a local protest. Participate in a bake sale and donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood or a local women’s group in your area. There are a ton of small things you can do not only to support the demise of this administration, but to support the women around you. When you’re feeling doubtful of the power you have, just know that starting small is best, volunteer–just be present and do something. The reality is, anything you do to show support will highlight the visible cracks in this administration’s attitude towards women.

Women know what it takes to survive. We’ve had to do it innately for years. Now we must band together one more time so that our stories, health issues and loved ones are not at risk for death or worse.

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