I am filled with a case of the Mondays. Men suck. Work sucks. Life sucks. While flipping through albums this morning I ended up playing Lizzo’s 2016 EP “Coconut Oil.” And thank god, I did. I needed a girl power pick me up that did more than comfort me for a man leaving me or encourage me to become myself by poppin’ bottles and dancing on tables.


Lizzo’s first release through Atlantic Records is a body positivity powerhouse and I honestly couldn’t have gotten through the past few months without blasting it pretty much on the daily. On a global level, things are fucked and I honestly can’t say my personal life is any better, I got sober last year and really spent about the last 18 months searching for who I am, what my worth is and how to help other people like me. So Lizzo’s EP really is just what the doctor ordered.

Lizzo, otherwise known as Melissa Jefferson, is like if Lauryn Hill was filled with a message of uplifting love in the face of a society hell bent on making you an adversary of your own person. There is a depth to not only her talents as a singer, songwriter and rapper, but in the grandest gesture of all, encouraging self love and acceptance.

“Coconut Oil” really displays Lizzo’s panache as a soul singer, but more importantly as an alternative hiphop artist. Her work has a flavor and sound all it’s own, that lends to her message.  The title track, “Coconut Oil” takes us to church with background organs, preaching, “I thought I needed to run and find somebody to love, but all I needed was some coconut oil.” Coconut oil has, in recent times, become a sort of go to product for any and all your needs. Lizzo takes it a step further asking us to nourish our bodies from the outside in. Loving who we are and what we have so that our time in this earth, in this celestial body is not taken for granted.

My favorite track, “Good As Hell,” was used on the “Barbershop: The Next Cut” soundtrack, giving credence to her talent and solidifying her as a voice for this next generation of women. The chorus chants, “If he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door,” placing the song in the perfect position to be the anthem of intersectional feminists. Know your worth. If you’re being brushed to the side, leave.”

I cannot recommend this album enough. If you subscribe to Apple Music, listen to it for free. Otherwise, check out this youtube mix of the songs from the album. I cannot urge you to go to the church of self love and body positivity with Lizzo. You will not regret it.


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