Iconic underwear brand Victoria’s Secret debuted their runway show in 1993, over 23 years ago and a lot has changed since then. Including, leading campaigns that are more inclusive in the world of fashion. However, VS has famously struggled with casting models who are women of color and more recently, trans. Trans model and activist, Leyna Bloom wants to change this by becoming the brand’s first trans WOC to ever walk the iconic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway.

Leyna has been a professional model since 2014 and says she consistently gets work, but it is harder to break through because larger brands are less likely to cast models who are not white and cis.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Leyna points out if Victoria’s Secret casts her as a featured model in their runway show the brand will, “have the power to set the tone,” as well as make progressive moves in terms of casting that would, “be the biggest leap up to date. Can you imagine what that would do for our world?”

She also said, β€œIt’s always been a dream for me, like so many others, not just trans β€” POC, all women, and some men even. This is a platform that glorifies femininity. I always felt in my most natural state I am heavenly. For my trans sisters, regardless of color, this will be a moment for us all.”

This isn’t the first time Leyna has called out the brand for their lack of diversity on the runway. Last November she called out VS for undercasting WOC and curvy models.

Hopefully, the added attention from her viral tweets will catch the attention of not only Victoria’s Secret, but other major brands who vie for the purchasing power of more than just cis, white people.

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