Playboy Mogul Hugh Hefner Gave Us Conrad Hefner’s Dick and I Want It

I have to admit. I don’t really think much of the man behind Playboy. As far back as I can remember Hugh Hefner’s been off my radar. He was never young enough to be relevant to me personally nor was he accessible enough for me to take his game and turn it on him.

What I’m saying is during my party prime–Hugh M. Hefner–the brains behind the Playboy publishing empire and the man who single handedly takes credit for the sexual revolution WASN’T FUCKABLE SO HE WAS IRRELEVANT.

This is something white men can get away with. Especially semi-attractive, successful ones. Which is probably why Hugh was linked to buxom beautiful babes until the day he died. Image is everything. But I think you have to consider that even when “Girls Next Door” was at it’s peak–Hugh was a fucking fossil.

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The Reality of the Wage Gap in America

A couple of days ago I posted an infographic on Instagram that broke down the wages of varying ethnicities and genders in the United States in comparison to white men. The reactions to it were expected. A bunch of angry white men leaving angry comments about the wage gap being a myth and a bunch of questions asking about the validity of the infographic. When I started to investigate the validity of said graphic and found that the information in it was true from this 2016 article in the Washington Post about a study from the Pew Research Center  that reported on how Americans are paid based on race and gender. Continue reading “The Reality of the Wage Gap in America”

Lizzo’s Coconut Oil EP Good As Hell

I am filled with a case of the Mondays. Men suck. Work sucks. Life sucks. While flipping through albums this morning I ended up playing Lizzo’s 2016 EP “Coconut Oil.” And thank god, I did. I needed a girl power pick me up that did more than comfort me for a man leaving me or encourage me to become myself by poppin’ bottles and dancing on tables.

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It’s Women’s Health Week And All We Got Is This Shitty President & Health Care Reform That Attacks The Female of the Species


President Trump’s instability and inability to govern like a grown man may get him booted from the White House (at some point in the future), but in the meantime, we’re still stuck with him, his cronies and their anti-female agenda.

Not that Donald J. Trump would admit this in his statement on Women’s Health Week, May 14 – 20. In fact, you’s think, the horse shit statement released that the AHCH aka Trumpcare didn’t indefinitely exclude women’s health issues as preexisting conditions or exclude them entirely:

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Lost Again: The Life & Hard Times Of Coming Out As Non Binary

Don was my editor before they became my friend. Logistically speaking, they were the parent that got me to turn my homework in on time so they could published my music essays and reviews. Don was always super fun to talk about music with, and like anything enjoyable, our conversations spilled into other portions of our lives. Over the course of the past couple of years, I have had the honor and luxury of watching Don evolve into the person they were always destined to be. In this essay they published on their blog, they explore their relationship with anxiety and self acceptance in a time where one can easily escape into a separate universe instead of coming to terms with their truth.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Debuts Kick Ass New Trailer At MTV Movie & TV Awards

My favorite female protagonist is Ripley from the Alien franchise. She’s a woman who’s tough, but kind. She never wavers in the face of danger, and always admits she’s scared which is what helps her find the strength to do what needs to be done. Characters like Ripley speak to my soul and I have been searching for them my entire life.

Fortunately for me (and hopfully you too), the Wonder Woman trailer dropped Sunday evening at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, reminding me I am, perhaps, only slightly out of touch since I opted out of watching the show (oops). I did however watch the trailer the second it was online. Guys, it does not disappoint.

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Dick Code Communicates Dick Details Without Dick Pic Drama

One of my great complaints about modern day society is the obtrusive nature of figuring out what a dude’s dick looks like without having him thrust it upon me with a really unflattering dick pic. Hell, it could be the best dick pic on the planet, but it still doesn’t convey the truth about the dick.

Enter 28-year-old web developer György Szücs and his new project, Dick Code. Dick Code is an non invasive way for guys to accurately explain what their dick looks like without the intrusiveness of shilling out dick pics.

Szücs designed the website to help men convey the multitude of differences that make a dick great again aka. going beyond the size/girth factor.

Essentially, the dick is broken down in to a variety of categories that factor into a well rounded depiction of boners at large, including but not limited to: length, girth, shape, testicle size, ejaculation size and trajectory, ratio of the head of the penis to the rest of the dick and body/ball hair.

I realize that Dick Code was invented to help take the stigma away from dick pics, but honestly, I feel like it’s a much better way to explain to your friends why you are hooked on some idiot’s dick.

However you choose to use the website,  just know that basically, it’s like build-a-bear for penis pics, and a super fun way to waste an entire afternoon building the perfect cock.