Playboy Mogul Hugh Hefner Gave Us Conrad Hefner’s Dick and I Want It

I have to admit. I don’t really think much of the man behind Playboy. As far back as I can remember Hugh Hefner’s been off my radar. He was never young enough to be relevant to me personally nor was he accessible enough for me to take his game and turn it on him.

What I’m saying is during my party prime–Hugh M. Hefner–the brains behind the Playboy publishing empire and the man who single handedly takes credit for the sexual revolution WASN’T FUCKABLE SO HE WAS IRRELEVANT.

This is something white men can get away with. Especially semi-attractive, successful ones. Which is probably why Hugh was linked to buxom beautiful babes until the day he died. Image is everything. But I think you have to consider that even when “Girls Next Door” was at it’s peak–Hugh was a fucking fossil.

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Show Me Your Dick aka Dick Is Not A Commodity

My biggest problem with the patriarchy is how they want me to choose between self identifying as intelligent versus how I look. As though I cannot be a well rounded, intellectual human being who also happens to look like a sex doll. Society says I have to be sexy or intelligent, but in now way can the two characteristics coexist in a person without demeaning the idea of being a man. Which is hilarious because it is the man who is typically the one note character, looking for ways to diminish the natural effervescence of a woman so that can he maintain power and control over her.

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