Bye Felipe Is The Modern Dating Guide Everyone Needs

Look. I love being honest. So let me honestly tell you that Alexandra Tweten’s debut book “Bye Felipe: Disses, Dick Pics, And Other Delights Of Modern Dating” is exactly what you’re looking for even if you’re not so sure what that is. I’m not just saying this because I sat next to Alexandra as she started writing it, way back when “Bye Felipe” was merely an internet sensation and a twinkle in her eye. Even then, I knew that it would be something bigger than “viral” mostly because it was going to fill a necessary void. It would set out to answer the greatest question of our time, WHAT THE FUCK HAS TECHNOLOGY DONE TO THE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN. Continue reading “Bye Felipe Is The Modern Dating Guide Everyone Needs”

Dickoupage Rebrands To Reflect Evolving Message???

I started Dickoupage in 2015 around the time I realized I was fed up with everything in my life, including, but not limited to the way men could fire off dick pics without the sweeping judgement of society.

It was a joke. A clever way to switch roles with men. I didn’t ask, but I demanded their dick pics so I could pair them with an essay, short story, poem, rant or essentially, whatever-the-hell I came up with that almost always had nothing to do with the dick pic.
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Show Me Your Dick aka Dick Is Not A Commodity

My biggest problem with the patriarchy is how they want me to choose between self identifying as intelligent versus how I look. As though I cannot be a well rounded, intellectual human being who also happens to look like a sex doll. Society says I have to be sexy or intelligent, but in now way can the two characteristics coexist in a person without demeaning the idea of being a man. Which is hilarious because it is the man who is typically the one note character, looking for ways to diminish the natural effervescence of a woman so that can he maintain power and control over her.

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